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Advance System Device: PLS 3G 3-Point Laser Level Review

It’s essential to choose the kind of laser level that can adjust itself according to professional requirements and where you don’t have to adjust it manually after short intervals of time. We have come up with such a user-friendly laser level that can support any project without disturbing you. We are discussing the features of the PLS 3G green laser level.

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Features of PLS 3G Green Laser Level

Working Range:

If you are a beginner and trying to attempt basic projects to get command on your skills completely, then PLS 3G green laser level is your right companion. The working range of this device is about 100ft, and as it projects a green beam, it can work the best in daylight as compared to the red beam. For a red beam, usually, the user has to wait for dim light to witness the beam.

Pendulum Lock:

This laser level may look small in size and beginners in functionality, but it has all the features you get from an advanced model. This device has a pendulum lock to keep your device safe from any kind of damage, and you don’t have to worry about the internal parts while transportation because pendulum lock keeps them locked inside without disturbing the settings.

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PLS 3G green laser level system has strong durability even if you are working in rain, or at an uneven rough surface. This laser level is IP54 rated that protects other parts from rain, debris, and dust also enhances the life of a device. It’s a self-leveling device, so you don’t have to manually set the device, and its beam is 3x timed brighter than the red beam.

Battery Timings:

It doesn’t matter whether you are working on the indoor project or outdoor, the battery timings of the laser level must be perfect to avoid any interruption in between. After charging this device completely, the battery will work up to 16 hours continuously.


Accuracy is that factor due to which we all want laser level, and this is how we can nail every project like a professional user. PLS 3G green laser level has come up with an accuracy of about +/-1/8” at the distance of 30ft. The self-leveling range is about +/-4 degrees.

Benefits of Using PLS 3G Green Laser Level

➺PLS 3G green laser level will provide you a strong beam even when you are working in broad daylight, and it can protect your device from any damaging factors outside.

➺The working range and accuracy of this device will offer you results like a professional laser level, and you will get the confidence of attempting more.


PLS 3G is considered as one of the Top Rated Laser Levels  for beginners who want something inexpensive and smart for supporting the projects. This device will help you in moving from beginner’s level to the medium level, and you will love the performance, especially when using it for the first time.
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